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Wind Energy Powered HostingOne of the latest emerging trends in business is environmentally friendly, or "green," web hosting. Many people neglect the amount of damage that data centers have on the planet. Because of this, the health of our environment is steadily declining, which requires us to begin reducing our impact on the Earth, and this is one of the biggest sources of inspiration behind the concept of going green.

Just a quick update on the top five green hosting providers: now if you are looking for a reliable, low cost web hosting, ipage has a special web hosting discount for only $1.68 per month payed upfront for one year.

Hosting companies are currently investing their efforts in developing new methods through which to become more "eco-friendly," and run their business in a neutral way. Companies are huge energy consumers, and one of the prime users of resources are their servers, which require a heavy amount of power and cooling. Industry leaders are now seeking ways to reduce the negative impact that their web hosting efforts have on the environment.

InMotion Hosting was not included in the top list, however I would recommend taking a look to their offer, while they are also a green energy certified company. InMotion offers shared hosting, virtual private server, dedicated hosting, so you can start and grow your website with them.

Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting requires much more than simply having a carbon-neutral server. Organizations involved in these efforts should focus their attention, also, on contributions within the workplace. Imagine a company-wide recycling program or the production of carbon offsets whenever an additional output of energy comes into the picture.

The best way to go green is to exercise the availability of renewable energy sources, such as wind, water, and solar. The web hosting companies that utilize these resources are certainly taking things to a much higher level and are not exploiting our planet for personal gain. This is a respectable, professional endeavor.

Renewable energy is the "holy grail" for the web hosting industry. It is something that would benefit not only the environment, but the company and consumer as well. The problem is that a large initial investment is required, and not every company out there can afford this transition. Fortunately, another option exists - energy credits. Businesses have the opportunity to buy energy credits, which represent energy produced in a green way. They may also look at carbon offsets, which, as the name would suggest, offset the amount of carbon the company produces.

When searching for a green web host to do business with, inquire about the amount of green energy the company actually utilizes. When you're working with a company of this nature, you are not only receiving excellent service, but the benefit of knowing that you're contributing to a better planet for all of us. Business industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies are all focusing their efforts on going green. By following suit, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long-run.

Green web hosts are likely to have available discounts for organizations that are registered as non-profits. It is clear that this method not only works well for public relations, but it also lends a hand to Mother Earth and allows other groups to reap the benefits of being green. Working in an eco-friendly manner is very rewarding and offers a great experience to anyone involved. As you begin to make less of a negative impact on the Earth, you will feel much better about yourself and your business efforts.

When you choose a web hosting company that prides itself on being environmentally friendly, you're allowing your clients and business partners to also play a role in these efforts. A number of the available green web hosts make it a point to ask their employees to reduce overall energy consumption by attending meetings online, rather than in-person, or by engaging in car pooling sessions. Environmentally friendly alternatives are certainly the way to go!

Wind Energy Powered

The following hosting companies are powered by green energy. They have purchased wind energy, and each of them is a certified green hosting provider.

GreenGeeks - 300%

HostGator - 130%

iPage - 100%

FatCow - 100%

ThinkHost - 100%