A2Hosting Review

Why choose A2Hosting service?

Carbon free hosting is possible through the use of plans offered through A2Hosting.  The A2Hosting Company has made it possible to provide the necessary hosting services while maintaining a level of responsibility with their practices to neutralize their impact on the environment.  A2Hosting then can provide services that are useful for any type of website while preventing a negative impact on the earth and nature as well.  This helps companies and individuals who are striving to be greener with their websites and wish to ensure that their efforts are not wasted arbitrarily through the actions of their chosen hosting providers.

This is possible with A2Hosting services with FutureServe.  The FutureServe program is in place to ensure that global protection practices are placed into the everyday actions of the company.  It helps to protect and restore the environment and make it possible for future generations to enjoy the lush green landscapes that they will eventually inherit.  The process is done in three sections through offsetting carbon emissions, ensuring that employees understand how to have ecologically sound and protective practices in place and use of hosting equipment that reduces the energy consumption load that exists in modern times whenever possible.

A2Hosting makes it possible to have large amounts of storage space with their basic plans such as 50GB.  A monthly transfer of 50GB is also available with basic plans in addition to unlimited email accounts.  Advanced services are offered free of charge and there are no setup fees to use the service unlike other hosting companies that swindle customers out of their money.  By spending a little more on the hosting coverage, customers can have access to unlimited resources for their storage and bandwidth needs.

The use of better quality equipment is one of the most important strides that A2Hosting is performing well in.  They use low voltage processors in their servers which reduces the amount of electricity needed to power the brains of the servers.  The use of highly efficient memory in data centers ensures that power consumption for servers that are used with high intensity are able to perform well without going over high amounts of energy consumption.  The use of additional energy saving hardware such as storage drives which power down when not in use or those which consume less energy compared to other options helps to ensure that the servers in A2Hosting data centers are able to perform well without having to waste energy.

When you put this all together and understand that A2Hosting puts together efforts for recycling older equipment and performing well with customers to create a greener hosting service, it is easy to understand that they care about the environment.  With a basic plan, customers get highly efficient access to servers and a variety of technology which is able to reduce energy consumption by a large amount.  When put together with actions such as renewable energy credit purchases, this makes A2Hosting one of the best options for green hosting that are available on the market today.

Updated on: October 12, 2018