FatCow Review

FatCow Hosting Company Review

The web hosting companies that provide useful resources for websites that are also environmentally responsible for their service are the most beneficial for customers.  One such company that supports both their customer’s needs and the environmental responsibilities which are connected to such needs is the FatCow Company.  They provide affordable web hosting plans which are heavy duty for any hosting needs whether it is for a personal website or business hosting options. Choosing a great web host that provides everything that is needed while maintaining a green profile is important to many businesses that strive to help reduce the impact on the environment when hosting their websites and running their businesses.

FatCow web hosting services are certified EPA Green Power Partners and get their energy from community sources.  This means that they are using alternative energy to provide power to their services which make it possible to offer high quality hosting without making a negative impact on the environment.  The main energy source for these great web hosting services are based through wind energy farms that supply a large load of the electricity that is consumed by FatCow to power their equipment.  By using their services, businesses can help to build a reputation which is viewed as environmentally conscious and responsible to customers and website visitors.

The way that this is possible is also due to the nature of the hosting services provided by FatCow.  Their main products are those with shared hosting plans.  Shared hosting is done through the use of servers which are shared between many customers to provide hosting between the customers.  This makes it possible to use fewer servers and reduces the costs of powering the infrastructure which in turn makes it easier to power by alternative energy sources.  This provides great hosting options while reducing the environmental impact from energy consumption by using less servers.

By using the high quality but affordable services from FatCow, customers will be able to get unlimited storage space on the servers, unlimited bandwidth to transfer with the service, site creation tools that are easy to learn and use, tools to create blogs and forums without having to worry about back-end coding and so much more.  This means by paying a simple yearly fee, everything that is needed to have a fully functional website that remains green and environmentally sound is available.  This means it is possible to get the website that you want without having to spend too much with other services that will more than likely not be green for the same functioning services.

The best thing that any customer can do is choose to use options that will help to preserve the wonderful earth by reducing the use of fossil fuels and other irreplaceable resources.  By making use of great options such as FatCow, customers can easily make use of a green service that has everything available to make it possible for complete beginners to make the websites that they envision with ease and maintaining a green selection of resources to do so.

Updated on: October 12, 2018