GreenGeeks Review

Why choose Green Geeks Hosting?

The use of a green hosting service is a very useful option for those who wish to use services which offset the ecological damages which are present from various sources.  There is one of the most reliable and responsible hosting services that offer green hosting resources is GreenGeeks with their low cost and low ecological impact hosting services.  GreenGeeks offers hosting services that are very conscious about the way they effect the environment.

GreenGeeks takes strides in caring for the environment by performing in major ways.  The first thing that they are doing is taking advantage of a green infrastructure that is energy efficient.  This means that the equipments and resources that they are using to power their operations as well as the configuration of their equipment and management of the equipment helps to eliminate wasted energy when in use.  The next big step that GreenGeeks takes is by making use of alternative energy such as wind power to really reduce their electricity usage from fossil fuels.  Any fossil fuels that are used are offset by the purchase of carbon credits to form a carbon neutral standing for energy efficiency.

The services offered by GreenGeeks are also tailored to suit the best economical values for those who wish to help save while doing their part in helping the environment when choosing the right hosting service.  Hosting services that are very low cost and offer a variety of perks such as unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts and databases makes this one of the best options for hosting available throughout the web.  Not only are all of these unlimited services very useful and low cost, but they are made available through a hosting service that takes action in keeping their service environmentally friendly for all of their users.

The GreenGeeks hosting is also provided with 99.99 percent uptime which is sure to also have many of their users very happy about the service that they provide with minimal downtime.  When problems persist and assistance is needed with the services, GreenGeeks offers North American based customer support which does away with wasteful outsourcing that other companies which are looking to save money at the expense of causing damages to the environment will not do.  This is a great option that ensures that those who will be helping you on the other side will also be able to communicate fluidly and without trouble with customers.

Overall, GreenGeeks offers a completely well rounded hosting option that is perfect for a small business or personal website creation that uses resources which are highly green in nature.  Not only do they offer basic hosting plans but they also offer advanced options such as reseller services and VPS hosting that hold true to the green and environmentally friendly backing that they are known for.  This is an ideal host for anyone that wishes to migrate to hosting services which do not have a negative impact on the environment and the earth

Updated on: October 12, 2018