GreenVilleHost Review

GreenVille web hosting review

The use of an environmentally friendly webhosting solution is a great idea for consumers which feel responsible about their impact on the earth and the environment.  The selection of a good green webhost such as GreenVilleHost is required to ensure that the selection of hosting is not negatively impacting towards the environment and provides resources which helps to offset any and all emissions that have been produced from hardware.  GreenVilleHost does make responsible choices in how they reduce their emissions and provide green services to their customers of their hosting options.

The selection of options from GreenVilleHost is green through the use of renewable energy credits.  The use of wind energy credits has been chosen by GreenVilleHost to offset their emissions.  Renewable energy credits are issued through a variety of different services which take the purchase of the credit and apply the funds made towards improving the environment and increasing efforts to make green and alternative energy sources available in more locations.  With greater support of alternative energy sources such as wind energy, a reduction of one third of the carbon emissions in the United States is possible in the near future.

GreenVilleHost uses state of the art data centers that make use of technology that is highly efficient and provide the power needed to run their massive hosting services.  This highly efficient hardware is also reliable and provides up to 99.9 percent uptime for customers that use the service.  Backup solutions help to reduce the incidence of loss and make it possible to restore websites that have been lost due to a variety of factors such as hackings, data corruption and much more.  This ensures that customers do not lose their hard work and that servers can be easily replaced in the event of catastrophe without having to expend a large amount of resources doing so on part of the customer and the hosting company as well.

The way that GreenVilleHost provides high quality services is simple.  With their hosting basics, you can get an unlimited amount of disk space storage.  The monthly bandwidth amount is also unlimited alongside a large variety of services that are offered with unlimited capping as well.  Tools such as a site builder, extensions for software such as Frontpage, a cPanel control panel and much more make the website building options very generous when used with the hosting resources.  The added benefit of being able to host additional domains makes it possible to have several websites under one hosting plan.

Those who are in need of a true green hosting provider will do well to try out GreenVilleHost.  They provide a great service with reliable hosting power.  Their purchase of 200% worth of renewable energy credits ensures that they offset at least double the amount of emissions they create to neutralize their energy consumption and more as well.  Their plans are affordable and within reach by a large selection of customers which need to make use of these valuable services that are environmentally responsible.

Updated on: October 12, 2018