HostPapa Review

HostPapa web hosting review

HostPapa is a proud web host that has been certified green and offers a wide selection of hosting options that are useful for the general consumer.  Anyone from personal website creators to small businesses can take advantage of the services that are offered through HostPapa.  The service identifies itself as a green web hosting service and has made adequate amounts of resource management processes to ensure that their services maintain a high quality while remaining environmentally friendly and sound for nature.  HostPapa will provide a great option for customers that need to have access to a service that is environmentally responsible and extends that responsibility to the customers when using the service.

One of the ways that HostPapa stays green is by using certified renewable energy credits purchased from well known sources to offset their energy consumption and emissions.  One major source that they use is through Green-e and options such as Green Tags.  By combining the use of these green energy credits and reducing the amounts of energy consumed by servers and equipment in datacenters and infrastructure, HostPapa makes it possible to provide green hosting to their customers and all of the websites that are placed under their servers.

HostPapa is one os the most economic options that is available for those who plan on having their website up and running for long periods of time.  A single year of hosting is affordable but the price reduces by almost 30 percent when choosing to commit to three years of hosting.  With these hosting options customers can expect unlimited disk space, unlimited domain name hosting on one account, a free domain name that never expires, unlimited bandwidth and a free setup.  In addition to all of these great resources, customers will have access to the Soholaunch website building software which makes it easy to build and setup a website with customizable looks through the use of easy to learn tools.

One of the things that HostPapa does by being green is showing responsibility for their corporate structure that ensures they are giving back to the environment.  The amount of electricity that the company consumes is high due to the fact that the servers and equipment are running nearly 24 hours a day every day of the year.  This planned reduction of energy consumption in conjunction with the use of valuable renewable energy credits ensures that HostPapa is able to provide the options that are green for their customers.

Using HostPapa as a hosting company is one of the best things that a customer can do to help make their websites green and sustainable.  Access to the resources available through HostPapa is affordable and can be easily used to maintain a green source of hosting for all of the resources needed.  The sources that are used to offset the carbon emissions are designed to completely neutralize the energy consumption of HostPapa without reducing the quality of the service.  It is a great option for every customer which wants to progress with a goal for green hosting.

Updated on: October 12, 2018