iPower Review

iPower Web Hosting Review

Web hosting products that are useful and offer green and environmentally responsible hosting are rare.  One of the options that are useful for customers looking for great value that has extensive environmental offsets is ipower.  The services are green by being powered at 100% through wind energy sources.  These reliable alternative energy sources provide enough power to run the data centers and equipment that allow ipower to function and provide the services in hosting which benefit thousands of customers.  Customers who use green hosting often find themselves increasingly proud of their choice to be part of the effort to reduce the damage that is being done to nature and the environment through emissions.

Customers who choose to use great green options that are environmentally sound such as ipower can easily have a website that has reliable hosting with uptime that is close to 100% guaranteed.  Easy to use plans that are generally unmetered when using the pro or pro plus options for hosting are available.  The basic starter plan is also great to use for those who wish to test out the service before they commit to a larger hosting plan.

Customers of ipower will have access to a free domain name.  Alongside the domain, an unlimited amount of space and bandwidth are offered to customers for their hosting needs.  This unmetered storage and transfer is perfect for blogs, forums and galleries which are also easy to create and manage through the ipower tools and interface.  The use of templates can help customers to create and launch websites in record times.  Not only are these great features available through the great hosting options available through this web-host, but much more is provided as well.

Ipower makes it possible for customers to have access to valuable services as well that are affordable.  The use of additional services such as backups and restore are not free but make it possible to restore a website when there is a crash on a server or unauthorized access to the website from hackers or through a virus which causes the website to be compromised and lost.  Options such as Site Lock will make it impossible for hackers to gain access to the hosting and the website to ensure that a customer has the best possible options for their website that are available as well.

The wind power that provides the energy offset is produced through community energy.  This community energy source helps to improve the reach of green energy sources while improving the environment as well.  ipower is involved in a program which is equivalent to planting close to 2,500 acres of new trees or halting the driving of more than 6 million miles with combustion engine vehicles.  The reduction of carbon dioxide produced through fossil fuel sources by creating useful alternative energy options through wind farms, solar panel arrays and other options.  The possibility of lowering these staggering numbers of pollutants and emissions from the environment helps to drastically improve the United States and make an impact on the earth as well.

Updated on: October 12, 2018