Green Reseller Web Hosting

Undoubtedly the most important decision made when entering the reseller hosting industry is the hosting provider you work with. The quality of the services that you will be providing to the clients you find is completely dependent upon the company providing them to you. Consider yourself a middleman, because you are simply taking a client that needs a service and connecting them to a company that offers it, while you stand in the middle and ensure everything goes smoothly. Your partner – the hosting company you select – must be available to support your efforts and give you everything you need to become successful. Customers always want the three same things: Reliable service, a nice selection of features, and top-quality support.

Service You Can Depend On

Within the web hosting industry, one of the most important things is a reliable service. If you were going to select a company to host your business, would you want them to provide you with a service that goes on and off and is riddled with errors? Of course not! The clients of your reseller business wouldn’t either!

Things often start out perfectly in the beginning. Once the number of clients you has starts to increase, and the number of visitors those clients are receiving starts to increase, you need to up-scale your business to compensate. If you fail to do so quickly, customers will begin to complain about the poor quality of your service and the lack of availability in regards to their websites. In a situation like this, you will need your provider to lend a hand.

Individuals who fail to spend time doing research on their provider will find themselves in quite a sticky situation, at this point. There are hosts out there who allow more customers onto a server than is appropriate in the interests of gaining a higher profit. Some hosting companies fail to respond to support tickets, or they fail to do so in a timely matter. When these things take place, your reputation and the success of your business is at risk.

Start looking around for signs that suggest reliability levels. Seek out an uptime guarantee and investigate what you’ll receive if they fail to uphold it. Find out what you can do if they make a mistake that causes your business’ operations to cease. Learn about the systems they have in place to prevent interruptions of service, such as their cooling and power applications, the location of their data center, and even the security that it maintains.

Functionality for You and Your Customers

The other key to a successful reseller hosting service is the two core components of a hosting package: bandwidth and disk space. The two of these together determine the number of packages you’ll be able to sell and therefore, the number of clients you will be managing. Compare prices between hosting companies so that you can get enough resources at a price that allows you to profit. Remember that not all customers demands are equal and they will not have the same requirements. Make sure you give yourself room to accommodate the varying needs of your users.
Remember to also take a look at the control panel offered by your host. The purpose of this software is to function as the point of communication between you and your clients, and to allow you to manage everything efficiently. You should be able to quickly develop a list of plans that your business will offer, suspend, edit, and delete the accounts of clients when needed, stay up-to-date on the statistics of your account, such as resource usage and billing information.

Consider whether or not you will be able to functionally handle what your customers need in regards to available features. Allow for webmail software, file management, and things of that nature. Two popular softwares are WHMCS for use as a reselling control panel and cPanel for clients to interface with their hosting plan.

The Backing of a Solid Business Partner

With any business – particularly reseller businesses – access to quality support is critical! In fact, experts consider this to be of such a degree of importance that they recommend you test out the quality of the support staff before purchasing a plan. Write an e-mail, or place a call, to the support team and measure the response time. If it doesn’t meet your needs, take your business elsewhere.