SuperGreenHosting Review

SuperGreenHosting for small business?

An excellent option for customers to choose when making their choice in webhosting is an option that is environmentally sound and ecologically responsible.  This is possible through services such as SuperGreenHosting.  SuperGreenHosting, has made it possible to host a website and have an energy efficient website through a combination of better hardware and energy sources used to provide access to the hardware in the system.  Customers are able to have environmentally friendly option with the plans that they choose and will be able to host their websites without having a negative impact on the environment and the delicate resources that are provided by nature.

The way that this is possible is simple, as SuperGreenHosting is a professional hosting company and service which uses energy efficient servers and provides a 100% carbon neutral service.  This means that they participate in a program which purchases renewable energy credits to offset the use of energy sources which derive from fossil fuel sources.  This dedication to being green ensures that they are able to provide a quality hosting service which has the minimal impact on the environment as possible while making strides to help reduce emissions from technology that is used to provide such important resources for websites.  Such efforts help to stunt the growth of harmful pollution that contributes to global warming and other issues.

SuperGreenHosting offers a variety of great tools and services when using their hosting plans.  You can control the hosting through the leading service control panel for hosting cPanel.  Alongside the use of this powerful tool, SuperGreenHosting provides customers with unlimited resources for hosting storage, bandwidth, email accounts and much more.  These resources are more than enough for any website and make it possible to get the hosting necessary to run personal and small business websites with ease.

Customers that use SuperGreenHosting will have access to a free domain name.  Tools to create a website come standard and make it possible to simply create a website with a few clicks of their pointer device.  Using a variety of templates, a business or personal website can have a visual quality of a professionally build website in minutes as well.  In addition to all of these tools, access to popular content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress is also available free of charge and can be done with a single click.

Customers that choose to use SuperGreenHosting will be proud to know that their website is hosted with technology that has been designed to have a lower impact on the environment.  The SuperGreenHosting servers are based on Dell technology which are 20% more efficient and reduce emissions greatly.  To help offset the other 80% of the energy that is used by the servers, a tree planting program has been started and maintained by SuperGreenHosting so that more pollutants can be removed from the air naturally as nature intended.  Customers are able to have their websites hosted well with resources that are controlled and offset with environmentally friendly practices and certified approaches towards improving operations through reneweable energy credits and more.

Updated on: October 12, 2018