ThinkHost Review

Is ThinkHost good for business?

ThinkHost is one of the great web hosts that offer a great selection of affordable hosting options that do not harbor a negative impact on the environment.  This is possible through the use of two critical energy sources that are alternatives to fossil fuels.  These two energy options originate from wind and solar sources.  By offsetting the carbon emissions that are created by hosting servers, ThinkHost can easily be one of the best options available for customers to use that helps to preserve the environment while remaining responsible for the resources which are used from the earth as well.

This means that ThinkHost is able to provide 100% uptime for unparalleled reliability while remaining low impact and an important asset to any business that requires a webhosting service that does not pollute.  Features and support that are offered for the services provided by ThinkHost are great and will make it possible for customers to get the right amount of hosting without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg while causing harm to the earth.
The main plan that is offered at the highest value is affordable and will come with unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, databases, and website support.  This means that customers of ThinkHost will be able to create the websites that they need to without having the conventional limitations that other hosts will garner.  The use of the free website building tools, spam and virus protection and a variety of bonuses and more will ensure that customers will have everything they need to excel.  The resources provided are exceptional in quality and are very useful for any and all types of websites that customers design.

ThinkHost is making strides to provide a green service and will also perform many great feats to ensure that your use of their webhosting services meets your expectations. The wind energy is done using a carbon neutral program which means they will take advantage of purchasing credits on behalf of their energy usage.  This is also true with the solar power options that they are using under their resources.  The process is done through a certified renewable energy credit source.  The credit service they use is certified by Green-e which is one of the nation’s most well known certification and verification companies for renewable energy credits.  By taking advantage of these options, ThinkHost has taken the steps necessary to ensure that any and all energy they consume is met with equal amounts of green energy to offset any and all pollution they may create with their service.

Customers that have taken steps to ensure that they get a great deal with their hosting while remaining environmentally conscious have put their faith in ThinkHost.  This makes the service a reliable option for businesses and private website owners to feel good about their choices in fantastic hosting plans from ThinkHost.  The majority of the customers will make great use of what they have available to them in resources with ThinkHost while remaining true to a greener web hosting solution.

Updated on: October 12, 2018